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The Morning Routine by KuroNeko1133 The Morning Routine :iconkuroneko1133:KuroNeko1133 0 1
Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Our Dirty Little Secret
I woke up the next morning on the couch, Dawn leaned on me, still sleeping. I read the clock on the cable box. 7:00
I got up, making a point not to stir Dawn and got ready for work. On my way out, as I grabbed my keys I made a quick soup. Nothing special just tortellini and chicken stock. But I put it in the fridge with a note reading:
I figure you're still sick and need rest. You coughed all the while I got ready! I made some soup. It's in the fridge. Don't heat longer for 2 minutes on high. It'll probably make a mess of the microwave.
"Ahh-choo!", I sneezed, luckily far away from the latte I had been brewing.
"Bless you. You alright?", Kat asked from the register.
"Yeah, I'm fine."
"You sound sick. Hey, isn't Dawn sick too?"
The memory of my impulsive kiss with Dawn last night came to me as Kat mentioned Dawn's illness.
"Uh, yeah.", I replied awkwardly.
"Weren't you supposed to talk to Dawn yesterday?"
"Did you?"
"I d
:iconkuroneko1133:KuroNeko1133 3 0
Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Awake my Soul
When I got home, I threw my things off onto the floor and went on a search for Dawn. I was pumped as soon as I walked in the door. I was ready for action! Okay, well, I didn't search. She was right in the living room sitting on the couch. I approached her.
"I got a question."
She looked at me with her green eyes looking uncharacteristically innocent, "Oh?"
And that's when I deflated, "H-have you been staring at me recently…?"
"Oh, that. It hasn't been recently. It's been since I moved in."
She's so damn blunt and honest! what the hell?!
"Well…", I sat next to her on the couch, "Why?"
she looked at me straight in the eye, "Why do you cover your brown eye with hair? I think you're eyes are pretty."
Why was she commenting on my freaked out eyes?
"I think my blue one looks better. Brown is bland, you know? But uh, wanna answer my question?"
She leaned closer to me until our faces were only an inch apart. There was a silence there for a few
:iconkuroneko1133:KuroNeko1133 0 0
Chapter 1
Chapter 1: I'll be watching you.
"Hey, Bach! Get up! I need something out of your closet!", I shouted from behind her bedroom door.
It was approximately 3 months after the bathroom incident. Dawn and I had been roommates for about 9 months. It was mid-June.
"It's Saturday!", she yelled back.
"Thanks for telling me! Now open the door! Dawn Bach open this--"
Dawn swung the door open. she was in sweatpants and a baggy shirt and looked all but disheveled. I rolled my eyes at her.
"Thank you."
"So what do you need?", Dawn asked as she leaned against the doorway to the closet.
"I'm looking for an alarm clock I packed away… It was really easy to use and nothing like this complicated piece of crap my Uncle Kai bought me."
"And you needed it right now because…?", Dawn asked in that growl that was hardly a growl.
"I'd forget if I didn't get it now. Ah! There it is!", I said as I pulled out the clock.
I turned around with a triumphant smile, waving the old clock in the air. I thought I
:iconkuroneko1133:KuroNeko1133 0 0
Our Little Secret
Allow me to make myself clear. This is not a sappy love story for your viewing pleasure. This is a journal so I can look back on my descent into madness.
Let's start off slow. My name is Ivy Miller. I am 18 years old, I am a Taurus and I work for Starbucks. I have recently moved out of my uncle's house and got my own apartment. Needless to say Starbucks can't get me everything I need so my uncle told me to get  roommate. Which, I did.
Dawn Bach. Age 18, Capricorn, works for Blockbuster.
She needed cash, and a place to live. I needed cash and had a place to live. It was a done deal. Simple as that.
My descent into madness starts in early March. I had accidentally run into the bathroom in a panic. Okay, stepping in dog shit isn't exactly life-threatening but, I was having one of those days. So, I ran into the bathroom in a blind panic. I meant to just find the sink but instead…
I ended up finding Dawn in the shower.
And the panic got worse. First, because of the jolt I got
:iconkuroneko1133:KuroNeko1133 2 5
The Cat is BACK by KuroNeko1133 The Cat is BACK :iconkuroneko1133:KuroNeko1133 0 16 Koal by KuroNeko1133 Koal :iconkuroneko1133:KuroNeko1133 1 2 We're a Team, Dammit by KuroNeko1133 We're a Team, Dammit :iconkuroneko1133:KuroNeko1133 3 7 Major WIP by KuroNeko1133 Major WIP :iconkuroneko1133:KuroNeko1133 0 9
The Loner
This is about that loner that hides in the gym before first period starts, crouched with knees bent to face, closing their eyes and enjoying the silence if only until schools starts. Letting their mind drift off to believe they're somewhere else, if only for a moment. Relishing in being away from the cliches and mundane activities of School-Life. Keeping away from the popular kids and their pointless and yet, charming, alluring and admittedly enviable lives. Using the time, so quiet you could hear a feather fall, to relax (Which is something this loner rarely gets to do) and let everything go numb. Mind, heart, body. All goes blissfully numb in the silence. The loner that doesn't let anyone hear their voice. The loner that sits in the back of all their classes. The loner that sits, not paying attention to the lecture, but scribbling something else about a far off place in their head.
The loner that is me.
:iconkuroneko1133:KuroNeko1133 4 7
Not just Anti-PeTA
PETA. I'm pretty sure you've all heard of them. "People for the ethical treatment of animals".
Ethical, huh? Is total genocide of all Pit-bulls really ethical? Is firebombing medical research labs ethical? Is sending death threats to children because they eat pheasant what you would call ethical?
Let me begin by saying I love animals. They are my life. I want to be a Zoologist who specializes in animal behavior when I get older. I have had a special connection with animals since, Hell, since I was born. My grandfather's Rottweiler would practically babysit me before I was even able to stand. And that is why when I hear praise to peta, I cringe.
Peta  says they want total animal liberation. I'm sorry, but thats just foolish. We, as people don't even have total liberation. Let me explain fully what peta claims they stand for:
No Zoos. Remember going to the tiger exhibit in the bronx Zoo? and how they showed all that stuff about poaching and how tigers are being brought back thr
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Blue by KuroNeko1133 Blue :iconkuroneko1133:KuroNeko1133 1 1 Koala with BANANA by KuroNeko1133 Koala with BANANA :iconkuroneko1133:KuroNeko1133 1 5 KuroNeko2010 by KuroNeko1133 KuroNeko2010 :iconkuroneko1133:KuroNeko1133 0 0 7th Period Lunch by KuroNeko1133 7th Period Lunch :iconkuroneko1133:KuroNeko1133 2 6 Bloo XD by KuroNeko1133 Bloo XD :iconkuroneko1133:KuroNeko1133 2 5


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I've heard so many people tell those who suffer depression to just 'cheer up.' I wonder if they can really believe that it's that simple.
Depression isn't just sadness. It is emptiness, it is misery. It is pain and nothingness at once. When you are truly depressed you lack the ability or will to cheer yourself up. No one just 'has depression.' You suffer from it. This is depression:
You will wake at 5, 6, maybe 7am, feeling as though you had only just fallen asleep. It's likely you did. If you don't have to be somewhere, you could lie in bed for another 3 hours...too tired, too miserable and pathetic to crawl out of you bed. Or maybe you will sleep until 1pm, because it's so much easier to sleep through most of the day than actually live it, and you're so unbelievably tired anyway. You will push through the day, knowing that every hour will be a struggle and not knowing how you will feel tomorrow. People will ask what is wrong, and you will simply smile and say 'nothing, I'm just tired
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KuroNeko :3
United States
MOVED TO: BrainDeadBrb

Current Residence: New York/ Tennessee
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Everything
Operating System: Mac OSX Snow Leopard
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Ever? Like, of all time? Ryuuji Takasu- Toradora
Personal Quote: "To end prejudice, you cannot spread more prejudice."
  • Watching: YOU! O.O
  • Eating: Japanese noms
  • Drinking: Yes, please.
I am officially gone from here.
Again, I moved to: BrainDeadBrb

This account is now as good as dead.
in case you care, I thought I had a childish name here and well, this account holds a lot of me as a kid so I figured I'd switch to a more "mature" account. XD


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